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Cash transactions

Professional costs/repayment of costs made on behalf of the employer by statutory members of staff or staff with a labour agreement

Gifts to staff members, third parties and volunteers






Expense note staff
Internet connections at home address

Expense note gifts to staff members, third parties and volunteers
Expense reimbursement to volunteers


Supporting doc for use draft contractor agreement

Official trips and domestic missions PROC/AB/009 Expense note staff
Mission settlement 
Adjustment of the per diem
Foreign missions PROC/AB/010 Mission settlement
List of fixed compensations till 30-04-11
List of fixed compensations from 01-05-11    
Purchase & order PROC/AB/011 Request order How to fill in a purchase request?
Receipts with debit and credit cards PROC/ADFIN/007/r002
Third party fees and costs PROC/ADFIN/008

Third party renumeration and expenses

Information regarding the form ‘Third party fees and costs’
Supporting document for use draft contractor agreement
Request advance PROC/ADFIN/011
Cashing cheques PROC/ADFIN/012 Form for bringing in cheques, postal orders, …
Outgoing invoices PROC/ADFIN/014

Debit note subscription 

Outgoing invoices manual
Folluw-up of registration fees via sub-bank account income
Internal booking PROC/ADFIN/017 Request internal booking

Bank account for foreign guests lecturers/researchers and grant students
PROC/ADFIN/018 Request at