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Faculty of Applied Economics  
You want to start PhD studies at the University of Antwerp

If you are interested in doing PhD studies at the Faculty of Applied Economic Sciences of the University of Antwerp, you should check the following information:

1. Administrative scenario for a PhD student (step by step guide of the Antwerp Doctoral School)

This scenario informs you on how to become a PhD student, admission and enrolment, language regulations etc.

2. Antwerp Doctoral School: Rights and duties, regulations

An accepted PhD student will join the Antwerp Doctoral School. In the webpages of the Doctoral School you will find information on the procedure and regulations which apply to all PhD students of the University of Antwerp.
In addition to these general UA-regulations, the Faculty of Applied Economic Sciences has specific regulations for its PhD students.

3. Doctoral Study programme

As described in the administrative scenario and the regulations of the Antwerp Doctoral School, a PhD student should succesfully complete a doctoral study programme. This programme is structured both by the general PhD regulations of the University of Antwerp and the faculty's regulations. The Antwerp Doctoral School offers courses that help you acquire the necessary 'general' competences . More specific courses are offered by the Faculty of Applied Economic Sciences. Click to open the list of PhD Courses offered by the Faculty of Applied Economic Sciences.

4. You consider starting a joint or double PhD

A joint PhD is a doctoral degree that is prepared under the guidance of professors from two different universities (from Flanders or abroad). The PhD is defended at one of both universities, but the PhD student will be awarded a diploma by both institutions. However, not every PhD being prepared under the guidance of professors from different universities is a joint PhD. There are specific conditions. The PhD student must have carried out research for a period of six months at least in the partner institution (this may be spread over several stays) and needs one member of each partner institution in his/her jury.  Furthermore, an agreement between the partner universities needs to be drafted for every joint PhD. We speak of a joint PhD if one title is issued by both institutions (usually on one document). In a double PhD, two different titles are awarded (can be on one or two documents). To make things even more complicated, the generic terms for both types of PhD’s, is also “joint PhD”. Click for more information on a joint or double PhD.

5. How to finance your PhD project?

  1. Prospective and/or registered PhD students can be financed by several means:

    • Research and teaching assistant. These positions are financed by university means and are announced in a vacancy. The PhD student will divide his/her time between education & guidance of students and PhD research. Most of these vacancies require a knowledge of the Dutch language.
    • Research assistant or Doctoral grant holder financed by research funds. Researchers can hire PhD students to participate in research projects. In this case, the PhD student will be financed by research funds from within or outside the university.These positions can take two forms: Research assistant or Doctoral grant holder ('dehousse grant', cf. point 6). The positions are announced in vacancies.
    • In collaboration with their promoter, PhD students can also apply for funding at the FWO, IWT and/or CIM. Click for more information on these sources of funding (only in Dutch):
      • FWO (open to Belgian students or students from the European Economic Area (EU-countries + Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway), check website FWO for additional conditions)
      • IWT (open to Belgian students or students from the European Economic Area (EU-countries + Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway), and from Switserland). Check website IWT for additional conditions)
      • CIM (open to scholars of all nationalities graduated from a Belgium University admitted to study for a doctorate and admitted to one of the Doctoral Schools in the field of Management Science. Check website CIM for additional conditions.)

    Check the open PhD positions/vacancies at the faculty of Applied Economic Sciences.

  2. You can finance your project by your own means.

6. Contact

If you have questions after checking the information mentioned above, you can contact Ms Sandra Verheij, the administrative coördinator of the doctoral study programme of the Faculty of Applied Economic Sciences.