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These pages include information on future projects of UCSIA. The Archive contains information on past projects.

UCSIA pursues four different thematic courses to reflect on relevant issues with students, scholars, societal actors and a wider public:
• religion, culture and society;
• solidarity in Antwerp, Europe and the world;
• economics and ethics
• society, health and wellbeing.

UCSIA aims at academic excellence and social relevance by making its voice heard through powerful communication based on thorough and multifaceted scholarly work; the University of Antwerp and the Antwerp Higher Schools of Education, the Jesuits, the Church and civil society are its foundations.

Since its inception in 2003, the organization engaged more than two thousand national and international scholars in mutual debate and interchange with many professionals in responsible positions. UCSIA builds on that immaterial capital and research network: it will broaden its action by adding more service to society and support to higher education, with the expansion of service learning in higher education as a spearhead.       

The annual international summerschool is oriented towards international (younger) postgraduates or doctoral students. The Scribani-conferences and workshops appeal to international professional and academic participants.

Annually, four to five international multidisciplinary academic workshops cover a particular subject within the mission of UCSIA. As an academic, you will probably recognize subjects within your area of interest and wish to contribute to a workshop. You could attend lectures in the framework of a teaching chair or scholarship, or apply for a scholarship.

Furthermore, UCSIA organizes a range of activities such as congresses, seminars, lecture series, masterclasses, etc. intended for academics and students in the alfa and beta sciences as well as specific target groups of professionals or committed volunteers.

The UCSIA Public Lectures have gained attention in Belgium and the Netherlands. This section provides information on contents and practicalities.