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Summer School

Each year UCSIA organizes a Summer School on religion, culture and society. With this summer school UCSIA continues the academic reflection it started in 2003 with its summer seminars on inter-religious and intercultural dialogue and on faith-based radicalism. The main objectives are to learn and reflect on this interconnection and to offer young scholars and PhD students the opportunity to attend lectures of established researchers, present their own work and discuss their ideas in a relaxed and open atmosphere and within a multidisciplinary framework.

The UCSIA summer school Religion, Culture and Society: Entanglement and Confrontation focuses on religions in an international, global context and on diverging processes of secularization worldwide. This invites reflection on the interaction between religions and societies in contexts of plurality where a diversity of religious and societal perspectives are manifest, identity-claims are made explicit and the concept of citizenship is being redefined. With globalization touching on all aspects of our lives, also religion(s) and religious socio - cultural praxis (re-)negotiate their relevance. 

The 2016 edition is dedicated to the topic of Public Religion, Spirituality and Lifestyle

Previous summer school topics were:

2007: Gender 
2008: Multiculturalism
2009: Religion and politics
2010: Religion and culture in a globalizing world (two-day conference)
2011: Religion and international relations
2012: Secularism(s) and religion in society
2013: Religion, Reform and the Challenge of Plurality
2014: Religion and Culture in a Globalized World: Questioning our Research Fames (alumni conference)
2015: Is Faith-Based Violence Religious?
Please visit the Summer School website for more information:  www.ucsia-summerschool.org