Prinsstraat 14
B-2000 Antwerpen
Belgium Tel. +32 (0)3 265 49 60
Fax +32 (0)3 707 09 31
City Campus - Unversity of Antwerp

UCSIA regularly organizes activities at various locations on the city campus of the University of Antwerp.

Download de plattegrond van de stadscampus van de Universiteit Antwerpen   Map of the city campus
with bike sheds and nearby parking lots
Download de algemene wegenkaart met de verschillende campussen van de Universiteit Antwerpen   General road map
with access roads to all university campusses

By public transport

Antwerp Central Station is at 15 minute walking distance.

Moreover, if you have a pass for Velo Bikes (Antwerp's City Bike Sharing System), you can take a Velo Bike at Central Station and park it 5 minutes later in the Velo Stations at Ossenmarkt, Paardenmarkt, Mutsaardplein, Keizerstraat or Lange Nieuwstraat.

Plan your trip from station to station with the NMBS routeplanner

Nearby bus and tram stops

Bus 17 stops at Paardenmarkt (stop Hessenbrug). 
Tram 7 stops at Keizerstraat.
Tram 24 an tram 11 stops in Lange Nieuwstraat (stop Sint Jacob). 

Rooseveltplaats is at 10 minutes walking distance. This square is a junction of many tram and bus lines.

Plan your journey and consult the timetables at the website of De Lijn

Park & Rides

Along several access roads to the city, you can park your car free of charge at the P+R zones. These parking lots offer a direct bus and/or tram connection  to the center center. As they are located only a few kilometers from the city center, you can also put your (folding) bike in the boot and  continue your journey on bike.

More info at the website of the city of Antwerp.

On bike

Fietsostrades, safe cycle routes to Antwerp

Antwerp invested in safe long distance cycle routes to the city centre. More info on the website of the city of Antwerp.

Bike sheds 

Almost 1000 bikes can be stalled spread over the city campus. Find the nearest bike shed on the map of the city campus.

Velo - Antwerp's city bike sharing

The public Velo Bikes (Antwerp's City Bike Sharing System), are the solution for short transfers within the Antwerp Singel. The nearest Velo Stations are at Ossenmarkt, Paardenmarkt, Mutsaardplein, Keizerstraat, Lange Nieuwstraat and Hessenhuis.

Traffic blocks

Mind!  Due to several roadworks, it is not easy to reach the city centre of Antwerp by car. Therefore we recommend you to come on bike, to use public transport if possible or to park your car on one of the Park & Rides. The website Slim naar Antwerpen centralizes information of all construction sites.

One of the major roadworks are those at the Noorderlijn. From the summer of 2015 until mid 2018 they will affect the 5 main roads in Antwerp: the northern part of the Leien, Londen-Amsterdamstraat, Rijnkaai-Zuid, Hardenvoortviaduct and Noorderlaan. It is inevitable that traffic will be disrupted due to this works. More info on www.noorderlijn.be.

By plane

Brussels National Airport (Zaventem)
Every hour a direct coach service departs from Brussels Airport in Zaventem ("Brussel-Nat-Luchthaven" in Dutch) to the Central Station in the city centre of Antwerp. The ride takes about 45 minutes. The bus station is located on level 0 - one floor down from the arrivals hall - and can be easily reached by using the escalators or elevators.

More information: http://www.airportexpress.be/.

There is also a direct train connection (twice an hour) between Brussels Airport and Antwerp Central Station. The approximate travel time is 37 minutes. The airport train station is located below the terminal (basement level -1). Keep your train ticket at hand upon arrival at Brussels Airport. You will need to scan it at the automated access gates.

More information: http://www.belgianrail.be/en

Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Every hour there is a direct rail connection between Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and the Central Station of Antwerp. The ride takes about 2 hours. More information on the website of Schiphol Airport.

Antwerp Airport (Deurne)
Bus 51, 52 and 53 stop directly in front of the airport building. They will bring you from Antwerp Airport to Antwerp-Berchem railway station in 10 minutes, where you can take bus 21 and 32 or tram 9 and 11 to Rooseveltplaats (Roosevelt Square), near Antwerp Central Station.

More information: www.delijn.be

Brussels South Airport (Charleroi)
You can buy a single or return ticket (same day return) to "any Belgian station" from the ticket machines outside the terminal near Door 2. This ticket includes the TEC bus journey (from the airport to Charleroi-South station) and the train journey (from Charleroi-South station to another Belgian station of your choice).

By car

Download the general roadmap or use a routeplanner

Due to traffic jams and road blocks, reaching the city campus can be a struggle.

Moreover the city campus is located in a red parking zone. You can only park your car at the roadside with a ticket and for no longer than three hours (1st hour: € 1,60 / 2nd hour: + € 2,70 / 3rd hour: + € 3,80). These rates apply between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. from Monday until (and including) Saturday.

There are several public parkings at walking distance:

Parking Antwerp Shopping
Molenbergstraat 7, 2000 Antwerp
Walking distance:  500 m | 6 min

Parking Sint-Jacob
St-Jacobsmarkt 81-83, 2000 Antwerp
Walking distance:  550 m | 7 min

Parking Van Dijck
Eikenstraat 9, 2000 Antwerp
Walking distance:  600 m |7 min

Parking Shopping Meir
Korte Klarenstraat 10, 2000 Antwerp
Walking distance:  550 m |  7 min

Parking Meir
Eiermarkt 33-35, 2000 Antwerp
Walking distance: 750 m | 10 min

For additional information on parking in Antwerp, we kindly refer you to www.parkereninantwerpen.be.