COST workshop on legal issues regarding cyberbullying - 26 MAY 2010

COST action IS0801
is pleased to announce the organisation of an international workshop on legal issues regarding cyberbullying amongst youngsters (peer-to-peer and student-versus-authority).

This workshop will be held on Wednesday May 26th 2010, in Antwerp (Belgium).
It will be followed by the e-Youth-conference on May 27th-28th 2010, organized by UCSIA and the University of Antwerp.


We welcome a broad audience including researchers, educators, students, parents, ISPs and mobile phone companies, law enforcers, policy makers and media representatives, to
1) describe the general legislative framework for cyberbullying,
2) share their concrete experiences and
3) discuss the desirability of legal actions in the context of cyberbullying (in educational settings).


We define cyberbullying as “An aggressive, intentional act carried out by a group or individual, using electronic forms of contact, repeatedly and over time against a victim who cannot easily defend him or herself” (Smith, et al. 2008).

Cyberbullying is primarily, but not exclusively, linked to bullying by means of mobile phone and internet applications such as: calls, text messages, e-mails, pictures and videoclips, instant messaging and chatrooms, websites, and social networking sites.
It may include behaviors such as: deliberately forwarding a computer virus, breaking into someone else’s computer and stealing personal information, sending excessively large or numerous messages to someone so as to overload their system, making threats or insults, dissiminating private or protected information about someone via the internet or mobile phone, deceiving someone by pretending to be someone else; breaking into someone else’s account and sending messages in their name; taking part in voting on a defamatory polling website; online posting or forwarding of confidential information;  excluding someone from an online group, ….