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research team

University of Antwerp; Centre on Inequality, Poverty, Social Exclusion and the City (OASeS)  
Prof. dr. Stijn Oosterlynck, promotor-coordinator
Dr. Nick Schuermans, scientific coordinator
Bart Van Bouchaute, researcher
Anika Depraetere, researcher

University of Leuven; Laboratory for Education and Society
Prof. dr. Joke Vandenabeele, promotor
Anika Depraetere, researcher
Marc Jans, research transfer coordinator

University of Leuven; Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences; Division of Geography
Prof. dr. Maarten Loopmans, promotor
Dr. Nick Schuermans, researcher
Floor Spijkers, researcher
Marjan Moris, researcher

University College Ghent; Education Health & Social Work
Dr. Griet Verschelden, promotor
Riet Steel, researcher

University of Leuven; Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Planning; Architecture and Society

Prof. dr. Frank Moulaert, promotor
Ruth Segers, researcher

LUCA School of Arts, Sint-Lucas Architectuur

Prof. dr. Pascal De Decker, promotor
Jana Verstraete, researcher