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EU funded LLP projects on Education Law and Policy
EU LLP Projects
Right to Education Fundamental Rights in Education
(non-discrimination and equality; special and inclusive education; rights of minorities, ...)
Religious Rights in Education, Religious Instruction in Education, Religious and Parental Convictions in Education Linguistic Rights in Education, Cultural Rights in Education
  • Language Policies and Legal Action to overcome Language Barriers in Education
  • Events
  • Publications:
    • Yearbooks of the European Association For Education Law and Policy
Dignity and Safety in Education, Ethics in Research and Education Legal Status of Stakeholders in Education
(teachers, pupils, autonomy)
Education Policy and Structure of Educational Systems Curriculum Development
(freedom in education, federalism and subsidiarity in education policy; accreditation of education and quality assurance in higher education; globalisation and competition; urbanization; broad schools; educational infrastructure)
(arts in education; health education; citizenship education;  human rights education; memory politics; environmental and ecological education; entrepreneurship education)

Education Law in the Russian Federation Education Law in South Africa