DRAFT - Second World Conference on the Right to Education
2ndWorldConf 2nd World Conference on Education

Financed by: the Government of Luxembourg and the European Commission
With the support of the: Belgian Government, Flemish Community of Belgium, Parlement de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium, ‘Toerisme Vlaanderen’, Flemish Peace Institute, KBC banking, Province of Antwerp, Koninklijke Militaire School, de Buren, Evens Foundation, Wolf Legal Publishers, dieKeure

Pictures of the conference:
- Friday Piet Akkermans lecture
- Saturday conference
- Impressions

Download PDF files:

- Programme

- Papers of the Seminar on
  • Linguistic Rights in Education
  • Parental Rights in Education and on Religion in Education and Respect for Parental Convictions in Education
  • Governance of (Higher) Education
  • Peace, Tolerance, Holocaust Education and Intercultural Dialogue and on Creating a Safe Educational Environment
  • Poverty and the Broad School Concept
- Other conference publications (http://www.wolfpublishers.com):
  • Language Rights Revisited - The Challenge of Global Migration and Communication, by Dagmar Richter, Ingo Richter, Reetta Toivanen, Iryna Ulasiuk (eds.), Wolf Legal Publishers
  • Balancing Freedom, Autonomy, and Accountability in Education

Coordinating institutions:
European Association for Education Law and Policy (ELA)
University of Antwerp
College of Europe

Prof. Dr. Gracienne Lauwers
Universiteit Antwerpen
Free University of Brussels
mailto: glauwers@me.com

Prof. Dr. Jan De Groof
College of Europe
University of Tilburg
mailto: Jan.DeGroof@ua.ac.be

1st World Conference on the Right to Education and Rights in Education.
For the 1st World Conference on the Right to Education and Rights in Education which took place in 2004, visit this page.