World conference in brief

Declatarion of Amsterdam
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What is the goal of the conference?

The World Conference 2004 aims at assessing the current state of education in the world. Convened under the auspices of the Ministry of Education of the Netherlands, holding at that time the Presidency of the European Council of Ministers of Education, the Conference will bring together education law experts, political leaders, key members of governments and civil society worldwide.
The World Conference will also honour the memory of Professor Dr. Piet Akkermans, Rector of the College of Europe, with the Piet Akkermans Memorial Lectures. The “Piet Akkermans Memorial Lectures” are held as a recurring activity the purpose of which is to strengthen the discussions on fundamental European challenges.

How does the Conference work?
Reports of high level experts, along with a companion volume on Comparative Education Law, will be presented in parallel symposia and workshops. The sessions will include discussions by top decision-makers at ministerial levels in addition to top officials from European and international organisations. Due to budgetary considerations, these workshops will be accessible by invitation only.
The World Conference will thus assemble key decision-makers - both from Europe and abroad. Informal sessions will allow participants to exchange information and generate ideas, opinions and initiatives about the implementation of the right to education and rights in education.

How to register?
Please complete this subscription form, arrange payment for the correct amount, and send the registration form to the World Conference Organisers
by fax  +32-(0)3-238 58 45or send to
European Association for Education Law and Policy
Arthur Goemaerelei 52

You will receive acknowledgement by email that we have received your registration. If you do not receive acknowledgement, please email