In May 2010 UCSIA and the University of Antwerp organised a two-day international, multidisciplinary conference on children, adolescents & ICT. We welcomed a broad audience including researchers, educators, students, policy makers, NGO and industry representatives to share research results and discuss policy and educational issues regarding children’s and adolescents’ use of information and communication technologies.  

The conference focused on national and international research dealing with social, cultural, economic, legal, psychological and ethical issues regarding youngsters’ uses of different internet applications and mobile telephony. Contributions on both the multiple opportunities offered by technologies and on the (new) risks youngsters are confronted were presented. Research and initiatives concerning the educational and mediating role of parents and educators were discussed too. 

Our new international and multidisciplinary workshop, Youth 2.0, will take place on 20-22 March 2013 in Antwerp. 
More information (CFP, programme, ...) can be found on the event's website