Within the Policy Research Centre on Commodity Flows, the starting position is that sustainable commodity distribution policy has to meet the objectives of the figure below.

duurzame distributie eng.jpg

The specific policy questions, as put prioritary by the Flemish Government, are brought together under three headings.

  • Improving capacity utilisation of the multimodal infrastructure
  • Improving interportuary and hinterland connections
  • Innovations in freight transport

Therefore, the Policy Research Centre on Commodity Flows regards it as one of its priority goals to bring together the knowledge and expertise that is available within the consortium and to satisfy this need by:

·         Making short-term recommendations , at the request of the political decision-makers

·         Continuing to develop and bring together scientific knowledge and expertise with a view to supporting and directing policymaking and planning

·         Organising information sessions and debates involving all relevant parties

·         Establishing a specialised database

·         Publishing sustainability indicators on traffic safety and freight transport

    Five broad research streams shall be established, each of which shall prioritise a number of aspects. The figure below indicates how the themes relate to the policy questionsIt speaks for itself that these research streams shall not operate entirely independently: obviously findings in one stream may provide useful input for another, or it may also be the case that various streams are involved together in answering a particular policy research question.


The above research projects within five large research areas, the specific questions with respect to the three large policy areas are covered, as shown in the figure below.