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New website
IOB and the University of Antwerp are excited to announce the launch of their newly designed website.
Please visit us at: http://www.uantwerp.be/iob

Who are we? 
The Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB) is a multidisciplinary institute involved in the triple function of academic teaching, scientific research and service to the community in the area of economic, political and social aspects of development policy and management.   IOB has an academic staff of more than 30.

We offer three Master's programmes, short-term training courses and a PhD programme. Our research is oriented to development as a multi-level and multi-actor phenomenon, with research lines focusing on respectively the local, national and international levels of development.  Policy advisory work is closely connected to these research activities. IOB networks with other European Development Institutes through EADI and CERES, and actively cultivates several institutional partnerships in the South.