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Lib@Web Welcome page
WELCOME to the website of the Lib@Web International Training Program.

Lib@Web not selected for 2016

We are very sorry - esp. towards the many interested persons having requested about application possibilities for next year - to have to inform you that the VLIR/UOS Board Meeting of November has not selected our ITP for next year.  Whereas this doesn't come as a complete surprise (e.g. Flemish academia earlier on has also decided to discontinue the regular Information & Library Science program at the University of Antwerp...) we are very regretful for this sad decision. The relevance of the training for librarians and information managers in the South was and still remains high in our eyes, but we fail to convince others.

Any interested parties, esp. from the South, to take over from us will be very much welcomed and we are ready to assist and advice.

Preparing the end of session 2015

In 2 days from now we will close the Lib@Web session 2015 with a full day of projects-presentations (the programme will be available under here soon).
6 presentations will be on DSpace implementations, 7 on ABCD and 4 on Canvas/Moodle e-learning, 1 on GSDL and 1 on WordPress.
The titles of the reports will be published here also very soon.

A farewell dinner with handing-over of the certificates will be held on Friday 18th in the evening (at Bon Bini Restaurant from 18pm).
We wish all Lib@Web participants 2015 good success in presenting the results of their efforts, a swift return trip and of course a very nice and warm welcome back home !

Preparation of session 2015

Dear Lib@Web 2015 participants,

soon you will start your travel to Antwerpen, Belgium. Meanwhile already some practical information is sent out to all of you and more is following.
A first draft of the programme itself is now available at this website, see the schedule here.

Start of the session 2015

Welcome to the newly arrived participants of session 2015 !
Since you all had little or no international travel experience, it must have been a stressful but hopefully also exciting new experience, even if it required some good self-reliance in finding your way. If you found the experience too much challenging : remember what doesn't kill you basically makes you stronger !
The first day of the session, Monday 29th of September (afternoon) will entail an introduction to Belgium and an introduction to the ITP itself, followed by the poster session to present yourselves and in the evening a welcome reception will be held.
On Tuesday 30th a day of administrativbe arrangements (e.g. bank account, scholarship payments) will deal with all kinds of practical issues and administration.
All details about the program and activities can be found on this website, esp. the 'the schedule' page.

Session 2015 : initial announcements and instructions

  • 16 scholarship holders and 4 extra participants from VLIR/UOS IUC-partners have been enrolled for the session starting on September 28th 2015.
  • Visa and air-tickets to Brussels (Zaventem Airport) have been arranged by VLIR/UOS and the arrangements should have been communicated to the particpants by now.
  • Instructions on how to get from the airport to Antwerp city centre (by taxi or bus) will be sent to all participants, along with the address and some instructions on the accommodation arranged for all participants in the same building (Sint Rochusstraat 43, at the back of the famous 'Institute of Tropical Medicine'). A 24-hour reception service there will be available to assist you at arrival.
  • A first welcome session will be held on Monday 28th of September at the City Campus of Antwerp University 14:00 (details will be communicated later), which is about a 20 minutes walk from the rooms. Also on this instructions will be given timely.
  • During the first day (September 28th) a presentation about Belgium and Europe and the ITP course program will be given, followed by the Poster Session and a Welcome Reception.
  • On September 29th an administrative session will be held to explain about and deal with all kinds of practical issues, e.g. registration, bank accounts, scholarship payment, getting online, laptops etc.
  • In case of any urgent problems before or after your arrival, please try to contact us at the phone numbers +32 (0)3 265 41 76 (Mieke Vermeire, administrative co-ordination office phone, , +32495748846 (Mieke Vermeire mobile) or +32473980299 (Egbert de Smet, ITP promoter).
Wishing you all a good travel experience and to see you on September 28th in Antwerp !