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Opleidingsonderdelen 2012-2013  
General information

Global climate change is mainly caused by emissions arising from our daily energy use. "Think globally, act locally" is necessary to trigger urgent and drastic changes. Energy use and solutions are local, but markets and technologies are global. Finding feasible pathways to transform energy systems poses huge challenges for all of us.
On the one hand, drastic change requires fresh ideas, new ways of approaching problems and the discovery of unexplored paths. On the other hand the solid laws of physics and eternal endeavours of human beings constrain freedom of action.
ENERGY & CLIMATE is innovative:

  • The lectures focus on energy for the future: energy efficiency and renewable energy are studied from the energy end-use and services perspective.
  • The future is uncertain: debated policy topics are covered by two lecturers, diverging in analysis and proposed solutions.
  • Our future is common: the course invites a broad audience, from non-technical scholars to certified engineers, who are all eager to learn about new perspectives and approaches for addressing energy and climate issues.

Target group and entrance requirements
ENERGY & CLIMATE is tailored for professionals and university graduates and aims to develop their knowledge and skills in a broadening interdisciplinary perspective.
The advanced course invites participation from professionals, managers, consultants, researchers, PhD students and alumni from different scientific backgrounds.
Evaluation and certificate
Upon successfully attending all lectures, students can opt to write and present a scientific paper supervised by an assigned tutor. When the submitted paper and the presentation meet the required standard the student will obtain the postgraduate certificate of ‘ENERGY & CLIMATE’ (20 ECTS) at the University of Antwerp.
Contact details
Universiteit Antwerpen - Institute of Environment & Sustainable Development (IESD)
Ms. Sarah Verberckmoes
Tel. +32 (0)3 265 21 25 | Fax: + 32 (0)3 265 21 28