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Opleidingsonderdelen 2012-2013  
Capita selecta internationalisation: Applied inorganic chemistry
Semester:2e semester
Contractrestrictie(s):Geen contractrestrictie
Examen:2e semester
Lesgever(s)Herman Potgieter
Pegie Cool


Deze cursusinformatie is bedoeld om de student te ondersteunen bij het verwerken van de leerstof

1. Aanvangscompetenties

Bij aanvang van dit opleidingsonderdeel dient de student over de volgende competenties te beschikken:
Actieve beheersing van :
  • Engels
Specific prerequisites for this course:
- insight in the atomic structure of solids and properties of solid materials, chemistry of the solid phase

  • Een algemene kennis van het gebruik van een PC en het internet

2. Eindcompetenties

Competencies acquired by completing this topic

Upon completion of this topic, students should be able to:

1.      Identify the relevant mineral ores and geographical occurrence of the treated metals / substances.

2.      Describe the historical and modern day uses, technical applications and role of the treated metals/substances.

3.      Understand and give and account of the chemistry of the extraction and refining process of each of the treated metals/substances.

4.      Develop and/or suggest alternative extraction and refining routes of each of the treated metals/substances.

5.      Understand the environmental impact of the various extraction and refining processes of each of the treated metals/substances, and potential ways to alleviate/limit it.

6.      Grasp the fundamentals of microwave dissolution technology as applied to various types of materials/samples.

7.      Suggest a safe and appropriate method of sample preparation utilizing microwave dissolution for each of the treated metals/substances.

8.      Choose a suitable analytical technique for determining the purity of each of the treated metals/substances.

3. Inhoud

This course will deal with advanced Inorganic Metals and Minerals Chemistry.   

Description : This particular topic will deal with a number of key and important metals and resources of modern day society. The role of each one in today’s economy and how they underpin technical applications used in everyday life and industry will be analysed and discussed. Finally, a thorough treatment on how to prepare these metals and their source ores for various chemical analyses by using microwave dissolution methods, will conclude the topic.

Metals and Minerals Extraction Chemistry

The process and extraction chemistry of the following metals/substances will be covered:

(a)    Gold

(b)   Iron

(c)    Aluminium

(d)   Coal

Every metal/substance will be discussed in terms of:

(i)                 Discovery, origin and history

(ii)               Typical/usual process chemistry for recovery from its ores

(iii)             Alternative chemical processes to obtain it.

(iv)             Potential and conventional applications

(v)               The environmental chemistry and effects of the recovery and application processes

Chemical analyses of the various metals and substances form an important part of their chemistry, and the modern approach followed in many laboratories is to employ microwave dissolution techniques as a first step in the sample preparation process. This will be dealt wioth under the following headings:

Microwave applications and use

(a)    Microwave heating – Concepts and Equipment Design

(b)   Guidelines for developing Microwave Dissolution Techniques:

(i)                       Geological samples

(ii)                         Metallurgical samples

(iii)                        Biological and food samples

(iv)                        Pharmaceutical samples

(c)    Monitoring and predicting parameters in microwave dissolution

(d)   Safety guidelines for microwave systems



4. Werkvormen
  • Hoorcolleges

  • 5. Evaluatievormen

  • Schriftelijk zonder mondelinge toelichting

  • 6. Studiemateriaal

    6.1 Noodzakelijk studiemateriaal

    Powerpoint presentation available via Blackboard and selected notes are available.

    6.2 Facultatief studiemateriaal

    Het volgende studiemateriaal kan vrijblijvend bestudeerd worden.

    7. Contactgegevens en begeleiding

    Prof. Herman Potgieter

    Head: Analytical Development

    School of Research, Enterprise and Innovation

    Manchester Metropolitian University

    All Saints Campus

    Oxford Road

    Manchester, M15 6BH


    Tel: +44 (0)161 247 1428

    Mobile +44 (0)778 667 4729



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