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Opleidingsonderdelen 2012-2013  
Advanced materials and nanotrends: an industrial perspective
Semester:1e semester
Contractrestrictie(s):Niet te volgen onder examencontracten
Examen:1e semester
Lesgever(s)Marc Van Sande


Deze cursusinformatie is bedoeld om de student te ondersteunen bij het verwerken van de leerstof

1. Aanvangscompetenties

Bij aanvang van dit opleidingsonderdeel dient de student over de volgende competenties te beschikken:
Specifieke aanvangscompetenties voor dit opleidingonderdeel:

- Solid background in physics
- Basic knowledge in general business economics

2. Eindcompetenties

The objective of the course is to get a practical understanding of the applications of Advanced Materials in an industrial and business environment: at the end of the course the student:
- understands the basic properties of key materials
- understands the basis for applications in business
- understands the link with megatrends
- understands related market trends and risks and opportunities
- understands future needs for advanced materials and the target properties
- understands the supply chain issues linked to certain raw materials

3. Inhoud

During recent years the interest and the related investments in materials research have grown substantially. Advanced Materials and new material concept are generally considered as key enablers for further economic growth and as strategic element to solve key problems linked to the growth of the world population and the progress in the quality of life.
Major challenges in society such as:
  • The increased need for energy
  • The demand for improved mobility
  • The explosion in communication speed and quality
  • Massive information streams
  • Etc …

are triggering the needs for complete new solutions in which advanced materials will play an important role. Like in history the progress will not be possible without major breakthrough in materials science and the translation into industrially viable solutions.

The roadmap to develop and implement economical sound industrial concepts is the subject of the lectures. The environment in which we have to operate is complex and is a combination of different considerations:
  • How are markets evolving in relation to customer preferences?
  • Which technologies will dominate future developments?
  • How do we forecast and measure the environmental, health an safety consequence of new activities?
  • Which are the best geographical locations to invest?
  • What are the expected financial returns?
  • What are the competitors doing and where can we expect new competition?
  • How do we secure access to raw materials? 
  • Etc….

Starting from some general concepts, a number of concrete examples will be presented. Special attention will be given to new trends and more specifically the evolution towards nano scale developments. Nanomaterials are becoming very popular because they offer solutions for miniaturization in electronics, the reduction of consumption of scarce materials, increased catalytic performance, enhanced optical response etc…
Because companies are striving for economical return, the market is the major driving force for decision making. The developments of materials will be put in this perspective i.e. new materials will be positioned in the quest for enhanced market performance.
The following specific topics will be covered:
  • energy conversion with a focus on renewable technologies such as solar cell
  • energy storage with batteries, supercapacitors, hydrogen storage 
  • energy transport and saving (superconductors, Light Emitting Diodes etc…) 
  • optically active materials including nanomaterials for UV-protection 
  • materials for the automotive industry including the trends to electrical propulsion 
  • etc…

4. Werkvormen
  • Hoorcolleges

  • Eigen werk:
  • Opdrachten:Individueel

  • Excursie

    5. Evaluatievormen

    Permanente evaluatie:
  • Opdrachten
  • Medewerking tijdens de contactmomenten

  • Schriftelijk werkstuk:
  • met mondelinge toelichting

  • Presentatie

    6. Studiemateriaal

    6.1 Noodzakelijk studiemateriaal

    Set of relevant and recent articles and books.

    6.2 Facultatief studiemateriaal

    Het volgende studiemateriaal kan vrijblijvend bestudeerd worden.
    Set of relevant and recent articles and books.

    7. Contactgegevens en begeleiding

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