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Opleidingsonderdelen 2012-2013  
General information
The programme results from an international advanced master degree (IAMD) created during an ESF research programme and EC FP6 network project.
Target group and entrance requirements
Target group : final year master students and beginning Ph. D.-students.
Entrance requirements : master degree in mathematics or proven specialisation in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry.
Evaluation and certificate
For each of the five courses students can choose to have an oral/written exam or to submit a project-paper. The latter option is required for participants opting for distance learning.
Permanent evaluation will be applied for the summer-school part of the programme.
The thesis will be judged by an international committee of three people.
Upon successful completion of the programme, students will receive a certificate.
Contact details

Academic coordinator
Prof. dr. Lieven Le Bruyn
Campus Middelheim
Room G 1.14
Middelheimlaan 1
2020 Antwerpen, Belgium
T +32 3 265 38 78

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