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Programs and courses 2008-2009  

Corpus linguistics
Academic year:2008-2009
Course code moduleFLWTKM0100
Semester:1st semester
Study load (hours)168
Theory (hours):30,00
Other (hours):
Part-time program:1
Instructor(s)Walter Daelemans
Iris Hendrickx
Language of instruction:Dutch
Semester exam information:exam in the 1st semester
Contract restriction information:

1. Prerequisites
*Algemene competenties
Basic knowledge of linguistics.


2. Objectives (expected learning outcomes)
The student will know the basic concepts of corpus linguistics. The student will be able to investigate corpora using dedicated software, and will be able to write simple Perl scripts

3. Course content
The analysis of corpora of spoken and written language is a frequently used methodology in linguistics. Corpora do not only provide insight into real language use, they also make available the automatic processing of language data to everyone studying language. The course has the following contents: - An introduction to different types of corpora (how are they assembled, what information is in them, how is the data represented, how can they be used). - Practical issues: how to transcribe spoken language, how to enrich language data with linguistic information, an overview of tools. - Software tools for corpus exploitation: CLAN. - Introduction to the sripting language Perl.

4. Teaching method
Direct contact:
  • Lectures
  • Exercise sessions

  • 5. Assessment method
    Continuous assessment:
  • Exercises
  • Assignments

  • 6. Compulsory reading – study material
    Hammond, M. 2003. Programming for linguists: Perl for language researchers. Oxford: Blackwell. Schwartz, R. et al. 2008. Learning Perl. Cambridge: O’Reilley.

    7. Recommended reading - study material

    8. Tutoring

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