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Course details 2010-2011  
Master of Applied Economic Sciences: Economic Policy 1MECPO 2010-2011 

TitleSemesterTheory (hours)Practice/Exercises (hours)CreditsProfessor(s)
Compulsory Courses
Advanced econometric methods & applications1st semester45,0015,006
Walter Nonneman
Graduate seminar in economics1st and 2nd semester30,0015,006
Jan Bouckaert
Jacques Vanneste
Macroeconomic analysis1st semester60,006
Willem Meeusen
Philosophy of economics1st semester30,003
Guido Erreygers
Master's thesis
Master's thesis1st and 2nd semester15
Electives: 24 ECTS from list below (max. 6 ECTS from other master programmes of the Faculty of Applied Economics)
Competition policy and regulation2nd semester30,0015,006
Jan Bouckaert
Economic growth and fluctuations1st semester30,0015,006
Guido Erreygers
Health conomics2nd semester30,0015,006
Guido Carrin
Diana De Graeve
Labour economics1st semester30,0015,006
Walter Nonneman
Monetary economics2nd semester30,0015,006
Eric J. Pentecost
Public finance2nd semester30,0015,006
Jacques Vanneste
Transport, mobility and the environment1st semester30,0015,006
Bruno De Borger
Game theory2nd semester45,006
Wilfried Pauwels
Real options1st semester45,0015,006
Peter Kort