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Course details 2012-2013  
Profile of the programme
The programme uses an interdisciplinary approach with attention to theoretical knowledge and insight, but also to the development of skills and attitudes.  This is essential if you take into account the integrated character of environmental issues.  From the perspective of durable development you will gain insight into the connectivity and complexity of environmental issues and learn to situate them in their scientific, ecological and social context.  You will develop skills to ponder problems, to communicate about them and to seek solutions.  This is where the importance of scientific accuracy and an integrated approach become apparent.  Furthermore, your sense of social responsibility, openness and critical thinking will be stimulated, and your leadership qualities improved.  You will learn to apply the knowledge learnt individually and in groups to integrated connections and study domains in the field of environmental issues.
Occupational profiles of graduates
Employment is possible in many positions and sectors, in policy-oriented as well as in more specialised environmental positions, both with the government and with companies, NGO’s, consultancy firms, in educational and scientific institutions.  Graduates may also find work as: environmental advisor, environment official, durability official, environmental coordinator.  You may also choose to go into scientific research that could lead to a PhD in environmental science.  The course is an excellent basis for obtaining the diploma of Environmental Coördinator A.
Institute for Environment and Sustainable Development
Campus Drie Eiken - P
Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Antwerpen
Sarah Verberckmoes T +32/3 820 21 25