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Course details 2012-2013  
Profile of the programme
Computer platforms are becoming more and more complex.  Stand-alone  processors with uniform memory systems are used less and less, making a significant impact on existing programming models.  The challenge becomes even greater with the growing need for integration with the internet.  Company records, financial data, results of climate observations, data from nanophysics, bio-informatics, …  The amount of data policy makers, managers, and scientists are confronted with has grown out of proportion.  Data management is becoming more important by the day, along with the visualization of data.  Companies use simulations to see whether new technology works before investing time and money in production.  As an informatician you could help create a pacemaker, or part of a satellite.  You could be responsible for the optimal placement of parts in a portable machine.  You could be writing algorithms for a moving robot.  The grid computer system SETI@home uses unused CPU time from private computers to analyse radio signals from the Arecibo radio-telescope, looking for possible evidence of extra-terrestrial life.  Such a network must use the capacity of several computers in a network efficiently – another job for the informatician.
Occupational profiles of graduates
There are many career opportunities: you could work as a (technology) consultant, software developer, systems designer, software architect, software analyst, web designer, web developer, industrial researcher, manning a helpdesk, infrastructure administrator, or in the sales and marketing department.  You could end up in the ‘research and development’ department of a bank or industrial company, or you could use your broad background as a scientist in the fast changing projects and research challenges.  You could even go into a scientific career and study more theoretical computer sciences.
Department of Mathematics-Information Sciences
Head of Department: G. Van Steen
Deputy head: F. Arickx

Campus Middelheim, G
Middelheimlaan 1
2020 Antwerpen
Lydia Janssens  T +32/3 265 39 01

The Department of Information Sciences falls under the Faculty of Sciences.
Dean: Herwig Leirs
Vice-dean: Nick Schryvers
Groenenborgerlaan 171
2020 AntwerpenT + 32/3 265 33 07