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Course details 2012-2013  
Innovation and entrepreneurship
Course Code :2004FBDOOD
Study domain:Business sciences
Semester:Semester: 1st semester
Contact hours:45
Study load (hours):168
Contract restrictions: No contract restriction
Language of instruction :Dutch
Exam period:exam in the 1st semester
Lecturer(s)Johan Braet


1. Prerequisites

At the start of this course the student should have acquired the following competences:
An active knowlegde of :
  • English
  • General knowledge of the use of a PC and the Internet
Specific prerequisites for this course:
The student attending this course should at least have followed course for 150 ECTS or comparable of an Economic Building, Business administration and have at least some insights into finance.

2. Learning outcomes

The student:
-          Gains insights in the process of innovation, concerning ab initio innovation and portfolio-innovation process.
-          Gains insights in different facets of company life and surrounding factors (human, market, company) that are important in innovation.
-          Gains insights in new methods of product development.
-          Can evaluate the feasibility of an innovation in a certain situation.
-          Can understand and make a financial plan and business plan for an innovative idea.
-          Understands a technological benchmark.

3. Course contents

The course addresses:
- Quality assessment of Science and Technology.
- Protection of intellectual property and Freedom to Operate.
- Integrated Product development.
- Product definition vs market.
- The Team.
- Organization and Innovation.
- Business strategy and alliances.
- Budget and finances.
- Business Plan.- Validation.

4. Teaching method

Class contact teaching:
  • Lectures
  • Practice sessions
  • Tutorials
  • Skills training

  • Personal work:
  • Exercises
  • Assignments:In group
  • Casussen: Individually
  • Casussen: In group

  • 5. Assessment method and criteria

  • Oral with written preparation
  • Open book

  • Continuous assessment:
  • Assignments
  • Case studies

  • Written assignment:
  • With oral presentation

  • Presentation

    6. Study material

    Required reading

    The Practice of New Products and New Business, ACCO (2007) by Johan Braet and Paul Verhaert

    Optional reading

    The following study material can be studied on a voluntary basis:

    7. Contact information

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