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Course details 2012-2013  
In-school training: initiation
Course Code :6600OIWINS
Study domain:Instructional and educational
Semester:Semester: 2nd semester
Contact hours:0
Study load (hours):84
Contract restrictions: Credit and exam contract not possible
Language of instruction :Dutch
Exam period:exam in the 2nd semester
Lecturer(s)Rita Rymenans
Luc Braeckmans
Mathea Simons
Paul Janssenswillen
Wil Meeus
Annie Pinxten
Johan Deprez
Tom Smits
Wouter Schelfhout


1. Prerequisites

At the start of this course the student should have acquired the following competences:
An active knowlegde of :
  • Dutch
  • General knowledge of the use of a PC and the Internet
Specific prerequisites for this course:
  • Final competences of an academic bachelor’s degree;
  • Adequate language skills.

* The student needs to have completed the following course modules or to take them simultaneously with the in-school training:

  • Introduction to didactics;
  • The didactics of the subjects preparing the in-school initiation;
  • Practice sessions;
  • In-school training: immersion

2. Learning outcomes

The final competences are derived from the so-called basic competences of a teacher in secondary school as described by the Flemish Government ( The basic competences focused on during the initiation phase of the in-school training belong to the following socalled functional domains:

  • The teacher as a monitor of developmental and learning processes;
  • The teacher as an educator;
  • The teacher as an expert in his field;
  • The teacher as an organiser.

Attitudes that are given priority are decision-making ability and flexibility.

3. Course contents

The in-school initiation is a continuation of the course(s) didactics for which the student is registered. In this course description the general principles are outlined. Further details can be found in the Wegwijzer Instapstage (course guide).

At the initiation stage of their in-school training the students get to know the role of a teacher a bit better. The training corresponds to the school subject chosen in the teacher education program.

The focus is on observation: you observe 6 lessons, during each of which you do one of the observation tasks from the course description. You will also prepare and teach a restricted number (4) of lessons.

The initiation phase takes place at one school, normally one of the schools where the in school training will be completed.

4. Teaching method


5. Assessment method and criteria

Placement assessment

6. Study material

Required reading

Course Guide Initiation Module (Wegwijzer Instapstage).
Reference documents, handbooks, curricula relative to the subject.

Course materials provided by the mentor.

Optional reading

The following study material can be studied on a voluntary basis:

7. Contact information
for further questions, you can contact the teacher of the didactics course corresponding to the school subject chosen

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