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Course details 2012-2013  
Profile of the programme
You are interested in Nature in al its facets and question the place of mankind in the living world.  You want to know how life works, how plants and animals are constructed and function. 
At the University of Antwerp you will be trained to be a biologist ‘pure and uncut’.  You will develop insight into the living world with all its life forms and at all levels. From molecules to ecosystems and landscapes, you will be trained in scientific reasoning and actions. 
Knowledge of biology is based on a good grip of other natural sciences (maths, physics and chemistry).  However, in the 2nd year of the bachelor course, Biology in all her aspects takes up 90% or more of the course. 
The elective subjects allow you to deepen your knowledge in a part of biology, or to broaden your horizon both within and outside biology.  Every year lab and field apprenticeships are organised in the tropics, the Alps, marine environments.  As a biologist you have an open mind.  In the more reflective subjects you look critically at the relationship biology – society and at acute problems such as pollution, climate change, biodiversity, genetically modified organisms,..  This combination of competences makes the biology course unique and different to all other courses with a ‘bio-lable’.
Occupational profiles of graduates
Employment of biologists is very diverse.  Critical scientific reasoning and actions are an advantage in finding employment outside the domain of Biology.  Although the academic bachelor’s degree can be a final diploma in itself, it is in the first place a preparation to a master’s programme.  Masters in Biology obtain the necessary knowledge and capabilities through specialisation and schooling to join a university, a government institution, or the private sector as an independent researcher or in a management position.  The master’s degree opens the door to a PhD for those interested in fundamental or applied scientific research. Via the teacher’s course, a job in secondary or higher education is also a possibility.
Department of Biology
Head of Department: P. Aerts
Deputy head: E. Prinsen

Campus Groenenborger:
Groenenborgerlaan 171
2020 Antwerpen
Annemie Fontaine T +32/3 265 34 65
The Department of Biology falls under the Faculty of Sciences.
Dean: Herwig Leirs
Vice-dean: Nick Schryvers
Groenenborgerlaan 171
2020 AntwerpenT + 32/3 265 33 07