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Course details 2012-2013  
Occupational profile of graduates
Epidemiologists predominantly find themselves working in the world of health policy, in scientific research or in education. During the last decades the action fieldĀ of the epidemiologist has been significantly extended: whereas the epidemiologist used to focus mainly on research questions in preventive medicine and public health, one now tends to rely more and more on the methodological expertise of the epidemiologist in clinical scientific research, in applied genetic research, .... Some of the graduates will hold a promotion position at an academic institution in Belgium or abroad. Other graduates will end up with organisations in public health. A third category of job opportunities for graduates is within the pharmaceutical industry, a.o. as "Clinical Research Associate" (CRA). The programme also offers a good base for a career as applied clinical researcher, possibly in combination with a function as medical specialist. Finally, a number of graduates will find a place in educational facilities (universities and university colleges).