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University of Antwerp
City Campus De Meerminne
Sint-Jacobstraat 2
B-2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
+32 32655527

Welcome to the ECPR Standing Group on Interest Groups

The ECPR SG on Interest Groups aims to stimulate the political science interest in interest group politics, civil society, social movement organizations and political advocacy. Membership of the SG is open to everyone who is interested in cumulative research on interest group politics. The SG functions largely as a forum and an exchange network for interest group researchers.

The Summer School on Interest Groups  

The Summer School on Interest Groups has been launched!  We are happy to announce that the new Standing Group on Interest Groups Summer School has been funded with generous support from the ECPR. The annual summer school will bring top scholars of interest groups and civil society  together for a one-week intensive presentation of the core aspects of interest group research.  The locations of the next three summer schools will be:

·         Antwerp, Belgium - 2010
·         Virginia, USA - 2011
·         Kristiansand, Norway - 2012



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