Balancing between opportunities and risks?

International multidisciplinary conference

May 27th - 28th 2010

Antwerp, Belgium


UCSIA and the University of Antwerp are pleased to announce the organisation of a two-day international, multidisciplinary conference on children, adolescents & ICT.
We welcome a broad audience including researchers, educators, students, policy makers, NGO and industry representatives to share research results and discuss policy and educational issues regarding children’s and adolescents’ use of information and communication technologies. 

The conference will focus on national and international research dealing with social, cultural, economic, legal, psychological and ethical issues regarding youngsters’ uses of various  internet applications and mobile telephony. Contributions on both the multiple opportunities offered by technologies and on the (new) risks youngsters are confronted with are welcomed. Research and initiatives concerning the educational and mediating role of parents and educators will be discussed as well. The conference will also provide a forum for good practices of sensitizing or educational campaigns.

Oral presentations, posters and demonstrations can be submitted about -but not limited to- the following issues:

1. Youngsters and ICT: a heterogeneous group
    gap in access and competences – social differences – distributive (in-)justice

2. Youngsters and ICT: developmental changes and related needs
    the construction of the self and social networks – self-disclosure and privacy – sexual exploration – technological and social normativity – entertainment and education needs

3. Youngsters and ICT: a vulnerable (target) group?
    electronic marketing – riskful contacts (harassment, racism, cyberbullying, ...)

4. Youngsters and ICT: awareness, protection and empowerment
    perception of ICT-related risks – parental mediation – sensitizing and educational campaigns

5. Youngsters and ICT: ethical and legal issues
    Adapting research methods – ethical issues – legislation, self- and co-regulation

For further information on confirmed keynote speakers, updates and programme,
please check the conference website at http://www.ucsia.org/eyouth

Practical information:

Date: 27-28 May 2010
Location: Meerminne building, City Campus, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Organisers: UCSIA, MIOS University of Antwerp
Enrolment fee: 35 euro (one day) or 60 euro (two days)
Website: http://www.ucsia.org/eyouth 
E-mail: eyouth@ua.ac.be