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Bruno De Borger  

    Zelfstandig academisch pers.
    gewoon hoogleraar
    Departement Algemene Economie
interne mandaten:
    Commissie Academisch Personeel Faculteit TEW
Departementsraad Algemene Economie
Directiecomité Antwerp Tax Academy
Examencommissie bachelor Sociaal Economische Wetenschappen
Examencommissie master TEW Economisch Beleid, Economic Policy
Facultaire Evaluatiecommissie Faculteit TEW
Faculteitsraad Faculteit TEW
Prinsstraat 13
2000 Antwerpen


Professor of Economics
PhD in Economics - University of Antwerp - 1985
Aggregation theorems, commodity characteristics and the estimation of the welfare implications of in-kind transfers

Contact information
Universiteit Antwerpen - City Campus
Prinsstraat 13 - room B-230
BE-2000 Antwerpen

Tel +32-3-265 41 61
Fax +32-3-265 45 85

Research interests

  • Optimal taxation and regulation of transport externalities
  • Local public finance
  • Efficiency measurement in the public sector

Courses taught

  • Inleiding tot de algemene economie
  • Microeconomic policy analysis
  • Transport, mobility and the environment
  • Seminarie transportproblemen

Degrees & awards

  • MA in Economics - University of Wisconsin-Madison - 1984
  • Harold M. Groves Prize for research in public economics - University of Wisconsin-Madison - May 1984

Key publications

  • De Borger B. (2009), Commuting, congestion tolls and noncompetitive labour markets: optimal congestion pricing in a wage bargaining model, Regional science and urban economics 39, pp. 434-448.
  • De Borger B. & I. Mayeres (2007), Optimal taxation of car ownership, car use and public transport: insights derived from a discrete choice numerical optimization model, European economic review 51, pp. 1177-1204.
  • De Borger B., S. Proost & K. Van Dender (2005), Congestion and tax competition in a parallel network, European economic review 49, pp. 2013-2040.
  • De Borger B. (2000), Optimal two-part tariffs in a model of discrete choice, Journal of public economics 76, nr. 1, pp. 127-150.

Long CV
Selected publications