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Walter Daelemans  
Course descriptions

Language Technology
Academic year:2006-2007
Course code moduleBLGERM01O33020
Semester:2nd semester
Study load (hours)112
Theory (hours):30,00
Other (hours):
Part-time program:1/2
Instructor(s)Walter Daelemans
Language of instruction:Dutch
Semester exam information:
Contract restriction information:

1. Prerequisites
*Algemene competenties


2. Objectives (expected learning outcomes)
Insight into recent methods for the design of language processing modules, and in the possibilities, and limitations of existing applications of computational linguistics techniques.
Ability to judge feasibility of new applications.

3. Course content
In language technology, techniques and formalisms from computational linguistics are used in the development of systems with societal relevance or commercial importance. In this course a selection of these applications is discussed: machine translation and translation aids, dialogue systems and natural language interfaces to information systems (e.g. expert systems and databases), text mining systems (information extraction from documents, automatic summarization of texts, document classification), systems for editorial support, information retrieval, speech synthesis, computer-assisted language learning etc. The importance in language technology of the design of reusable software components using machine learning and statistical methods will be emphasized and illustrated in this course.

4. Teaching method
Direct contact:
  • Lectures
  • Exercise sessions

  • 5. Assessment method
    Written assignment:
  • Without oral presentation

  • 6. Compulsory reading – study material
    Course material will be provided via a web-site.

    7. Recommended reading - study material
    SPEECH and LANGUAGE PROCESSING: An Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, and Speech Recognition, By  Daniel Jurafsky and  James H. Martin, Prentice-Hall, 2000, ISBN: 0-13-095069-6

    8. Tutoring

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