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Walter Daelemans  
Course descriptions

Programming for Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence
Academic year:2006-2007
Course code moduleBLGERM01O33060
Semester:2nd semester
Study load (hours)112
Theory (hours):30,00
Other (hours):
Part-time program:
Instructor(s)Walter Daelemans
Guy De Pauw
Language of instruction:Dutch
Semester exam information:semester exam in June
Contract restriction information:

1. Prerequisites
*Algemene competenties


2. Objectives (expected learning outcomes)
Acquiring skills in the implementation of algorithms from computational linguistics and artificial intelligence. Acquiring skills in the use and understanding of linguistic software. Developing a good programming style.

3. Course content
Introduction to the functional programming language LISP (Common Lisp). Data- and procedure abstraction. Functional, object-oriented and logic programming in LISP. Study of basic algorithms for computational linguistics and artificial intelligence in Common Lisp: morphological analysis, parsing, semantic networks, hierarchical lexicons, production rule systems, neural networks, induction of decision trees, etc.

4. Teaching method
Direct contact:
  • Lectures
  • Exercise sessions

  • 5. Assessment method
  • Practical exam

  • 6. Compulsory reading – study material
    WWW material

    7. Recommended reading - study material
    Paul Graham. ANSI Common Lisp. Prentice Hall, 1995, 432 pages, paperbound. ISBN 0133708756.

    8. Tutoring

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